6 Unsettling Behaviors That Show Someone Is Overcompensating for Something


People’s behaviors around others are fascinating to watch. Based on what car they drive, what they wear, and what they choose to talk about are vast indicators of their mental health, and with enough introspection, everyone can assume that these people are overcompensating for something!

Recently, people met in an online discussion to uncover things that signal extreme overcompensation.

Above all else, people agree that if you drive an oversized pickup to your office job, you might have severe self-worth issues. “I saw one with a license plate that said “BIGNTHIK,” says one woman.

Driving Oversized Pickup Trucks

Pseudo-bullying behavior is often a massive indicator of overcompensation. Making yourself feel better by putting others down is borderline sociopathic, but many people engage in this activity.

Constantly Putting Others Down

We all have people in our lives who constantly bring up the topic of money, investing, and how much money they make. While these may be topics of interest at a younger age, once you become a full-fledged adult, these topics reek of overcompensating for something. It’s a shame!

Flaunting Wealth

Whenever someone decides to make one aspect of their life their entire reason for breathing, it’s a red flag “Somebody who makes a gimmick their whole personality is compensating,” explains one man.

Being Defined  By One Trait

Here’s a dirty little secret, gentlemen: If you describe yourself as an alpha male, you are not an alpha male. When describing yourself as such, it’s having the opposite effect on people you think it has – in fact, most people either laugh at you or feel sorry for you.

Referring To Themselves as “Alpha.”

Many believe the more you talk about adult acts publicly, the more pathetic you sound.

Constantly Talking About Adult Relations