10 Reasons Women Walked Away From Men They Really Liked or Loved 


Relationships can be complex, even when you really care about the person. When we’re younger and watch fairy tales, we believe love is enough to conquer all, and obstacles will never get in the way.

While there may be some obvious reasons, such as cheating or being abusive, many more minor issues aren’t talked about enough. What do you think about these reasons women gave for walking away from a relationship during an online discussion?

The Real World

There are many ways to be dishonest, whether it’s an outright lie or intentionally withholding the truth. Regardless of how serious the secrets your partner keeps may be, being lied to can make it difficult to trust your partner in the future.

Being Dishonest: Lying & Withholding the Truth

Whether you share a child with your partner or they have kids from another relationship, watching them fail to be part of their kids’ lives may be a dealbreaker. One user said that someone they dated bragged about being a strict parent, so much so that their child must ask permission to use the restroom!

Being a Bad or  Absent Parent

Some people consider themselves not very political and don’t care about sharing the same “values” with their partner. However, some individuals have views they take very seriously, views they refuse to budge on or change even for the love of their life.

Having Different Views on Life

Many people don’t realize how insidious their partner’s controlling or manipulative ways are until they’re deep in the relationship. From an outside perspective, it could be obvious, but it may take the person a long time to see it for themselves.

Being Controlling / Manipulative

How someone treats others may not be apparent immediately, or you might notice it on the first date. Some people don’t act like their true selves right away, which means it could take a while before you see their true colors.

Treating Other People Badly

There are several valid reasons why someone could fail to put the effort in, such as a taxing job, physical or mental illness, or even a lack of awareness and experience. Unfortunately, if you’re the one who’s putting all the effort into you, you may choose to walk away, regardless of how much you love your partner.

Not Putting Enough Effort In