6 Things Men Confess Drive Them Nuts About Their Wives and Partner


Okay, men, it’s confession time. Everybody knows marriage and relationships are about compromise, but sometimes it’s cathartic to let the world know what drives you crazy.

Recently, men converged in an online discussion to reveal everything that drives them up the wall about their wives and partners.

A handful of men can’t believe how bad at directions their wives are. Despite knowing the exact route to get home, many men can’t believe how often their wives turn on their GPS to guide them home, even for simple errands!

Their Sense of Direction

“The one pet peeve that drives me insane is her habit of speaking in a tone and volume as if I’m right next to her when I’m really 20 feet away, facing the other way, with a noisy fan on, and currently either working or gaming or listening to music,” laments one man.

Their Soft-Spokenness

While there are assuredly plenty of women who complain about the perpetual lateness of their husbands, an impressive number of men consistently hate how late their wives and partners are. In a few cases, men reveal they have turned into late-running people since being on time was futile!

She’s Always Late

As someone who just moved into a new house and whose girlfriend constantly rearranges kitchen cabinets without me knowing, I can relate to the following man’s desperate pleas.

Her Peculiar Way of Organizing

It’s a good thing the internet exists because a large segment of the male population has revealed their significant other has a very annoying laugh, something I know they could never say to their faces.

She Has an  Annoying Laugh

Sometimes your significant other’s humor is lost on the world. Many men admit to being thoroughly confused about what makes their wives laugh.

Their Confusing Sense of Humor