Cringe Alert: 6 Phrases Men Use That Women Can’t Stand


The issue of men making demeaning comments towards women, intentional or not, has long existed. With the advent of the internet, it’s become clear that this is a widespread problem. A recent online conversation highlighted specific phrases commonly used by men that, often without their realization, irritate many women.

These range from comments that might appear harmless at first glance to those that are overtly condescending. In this article, we explore ten such remarks that have been universally met with eye rolls from women. Let’s take a closer look at these phrases and understand why they’re problematic.

“When women are referred to as ‘females,’” begins the thread. This is an interesting angle, as I have heard that word used in some circles. From this angle, it makes sense if quoting statistics or working in healthcare.


“This one particularly stings because they assume I don’t want children,” argues another tired woman. Just because someone is childless, it doesn’t make them anti-children.

You Will Want Kids One Day

“You’re prettier when you smile” is another comment that sets one observer off, and this goes for me too. I used to hate being told as a child I should smile. In any case, while I empathize with these women, I disagree with the statement. Women can look beautiful when they cry, too.


The next contributor laments when men use the expression “I’m the kind of man who” as a precursor to some boast of his prowess. Honestly, even men can’t stand this kind of Chad vernacular.

All About Me

Nobody likes someone who oversimplifies nuanced topics; the world is not black and white, although many love to see it that way. “I hate when men say homeless people just need to get a job,”

Punching Down

Some women write how men sometimes play the victim, claiming women “don’t want them because they are short or ugly.” Meanwhile, women claim men’s looks aren’t the first thing that attracts them.

I’m Not Worthy