The Human Struggle: 5 Brutally Honest Confessions About Life’s Challenge

life challenges

Being human comes with its unique set of challenges, despite the advantages it might have over other species. People experience various difficulties and dilemmas simply as part of the human condition. In a recent online forum, individuals gathered to answer a candid question: “What do you hate most about being human?”

The responses were as diverse as they were enlightening, providing a glimpse into the common struggles that many of us face in our daily lives. Let’s explore these honest revelations and see what aspects of being human are found most challenging by people from all walks of life.

The Human Struggle

The concept of working for most of your life is enough to ruin anybody’s day. “Is anything more depressing than the thought of spending the early part of your life receiving an education and the rest of your life working the day away?” asks one woman.

Needing to Work

In a perfect world, we could all spend our days eating nothing but pizza, ice cream, and hot dogs. (Oh, and let’s not forget candy, soda, and our grandmother’s fettuccine Alfredo.) However, it’s not a perfect world; our decidedly imperfect world requires a certain amount of healthy eating to ensure we take in enough nutrients to live the longest life possible.

Having To Eat Healthy

Let’s be honest: In general, people are the worst. According to many men and women, dealing with other humans is enough to drive them crazy! “I hate how people can be so easily irritated and have extremely loud opinions about stupid things,” laments one man.

Dealing With Other Humans

Accepting the things we cannot change is one of the most challenging lessons a person can learn in life. Unfortunately, following through on this lesson is easier said than done!

Dealing With Things We Cannot Change

From traffic jams, rude people, disease, and not getting a restful night’s sleep (and everything in between), everyday life can be rough! To some people, life is improperly balanced, with the bad things constantly outweighing the good.

Coping With Everyday Life