Quotes with Consequences: 3 Sayings That Might Just Change Your Life!


Ever read a quote that felt like it was plucked straight out of your diary or whispered during a late-night chat with friends? Words have this funny way of sneaking into our hearts.

Be it from a famous author, a classic movie line, a wise old philosopher, or just a memorable chat over coffee – they stick! Come along and let’s explore some quotes that just might make you say, “Hey, I’ve felt that way too!”

The legendary author of classics like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was also a wise man in many way.

“I’ve Had a Lot of Worries in My Life. Most of Which Never Happened.” – Mark Twain

I’m a natural worrier. But as I got older, I realized you could spend so much time worrying about scenarios that will never happen. No one wants added stress and anxiety. And while it’s easier said than done, learning to worry less can lead to a more peaceful existence.

In today’s age, communication between individuals worldwide is more accessible than ever.

“You Might Be the Sweetest Peach on the Tree, but Some People Just Don’t Like Peaches.”- Lana Mattinson

So remembering this quote will help you learn to let go of the fallacy that everyone will like you as long as you’re nice. That’s impossible. It’s unavoidable, and that’s okay.

Using a metaphor about an axe cutting a tree is highly profound. As the axe, a person may hurt someone without a single thought. But as the tree whose been cut, that pain runs deep.

“The Axe Forgets; The Tree Remembers.”- Zimbabwean Proverb

One wise person says, “People don’t forget how they were treated; that’s why it’s so important to be kind.” This is undeniably true. If you’ve been hurt, you remember.