6 Route 66 Things That’ll Make Your Road Trip Memorable


Route 66, one of the most famous highways in the world, spans over 2,400 miles and stretches across eight major states. The sheer length of this highway makes it the perfect option for a road trip with family or friends (even both simultaneously).

Your trip down this road is likely to be one you’ll never forget. You’ll be greeted with iconic landmarks, roadside diners, retro neon signs, and more.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), the origins of Route 66 can be traced back to the nation’s first-ever trans-Mississippi migration in the mid-1800s.

The Origins of Route 66

Today’s Main Street of America stretches to a magnificent length of 2,400 miles, from Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean. As you cruise down the road, you’re likely to find historical buildings and cultural sites like the:

Route 66 Today 

When driving down the road, there’s no right or wrong way. And it does not have to be that expensive. You can certainly drive a ‘beater car’ for a more nostalgic feel! The choice is 100% yours. Completing the entire drive in one go will probably be a thrilling experience, but you shouldn’t rush it.

Drive the Entire Way

Watching a movie on a road trip seems odd, doesn’t it? Well, think again because Route 66 is your average road. It has lots of drive-in theaters where you can get the true retro cinematic experience at a price that is only a fraction of what those modern movie theaters charge. Some of them include:

Stop for a Movie

If you plan to complete your road trip by enjoying all that Route 66 has to offer, chances are you will need some rest. Don’t opt for those regular chain hotels when it’s time for you to get some shut-eye. Go for the true Route 66 experience instead.

Get Some Sleep

This one’s a given. You’re going to take photos wherever you go on vacation, but the ones you take on your Route 66 road trip will be a bit different. How, you ask?

Take Some Photo