Sleepover Scandal:  The Surprising Reason a Single Dad Sent a Guest Home


Parenting on your own is a journey filled with unique challenges and victories, particularly for single parents navigating the rollercoaster of preteen emotions and behaviors. Balancing the various needs of a growing child requires a delicate touch, and often, there’s no clear-cut answer on how to handle every situation.

A man we’ll refer to as “Marc” is a single dad to a 12-year-old we’ll call Kelsie. Kelsie likes to have sleepovers with her friends, especially during the summer. For the July 4th holiday, Kelsie recently invited some friends over, including a new friend from their neighborhood. Marc called her Monica.

For Better or Worse

Around 9:30 PM, Marc said he came into the living room to find Monica berating the other girls for being too loud and not quieting down so she could sleep. Marc asked to speak to Kelsie, and his daughter said she wanted Monica to go home.

Things Turn Sour

One commenter thought the parent’s reaction was laughable. “They claim the girls should’ve just gone to bed early once.” What a laughable sentence. It’s a bunch of 12-year-olds.

1. Laughable

Another person knows what not to do at a sleepover. “If there is a bigger waste of your time than telling kids to quiet down and sleep at a sleepover, I haven’t encountered it.”

2. Waste of Time

Someone has experience with children and sleepovers. “Those little kids will stay up all night and not sleep a wink and STILL be in a better mood than I am at 8 AM.”

3. Better Mood

One individual wonders if Monica is afraid of her parents. “She might act like that because she is so scared of her parents that she fears breaking the rules but can’t sleep with all the fun downstairs.”

4. Breaking the Rules

Another interested party hopes Monica and her parents learned a lesson. “Honestly, this was probably a good and needed lesson for both Monica and her parents. If they’re going to be that rigid and uncooperative while guests at someone else’s home, it’s probably a situation they should avoid.”

5. Good Lesson