7 Best Summer Jobs for Teacher


Teachers typically have summers off and can find a job during their break, travel, or do a combination. Additionally, they can pursue these popular summer jobs for teachers.

If you are passionate about teaching, you should support students during the summer. Become a tutor online and share your knowledge with students.

Tutor Online

Becoming a test preparation tutor depends on your education. Test prep tutors differ from tutors as they help students by familiarizing them with the specific test format.

Test Prep Instructors

Another job teachers can do during the summer is a test scorer online. As an online test scorer, your duties include scoring exams, job assessment tests, or other exams based on rubrics in a remote location. It is beneficial if you have taken that particular exam. According to ZipRecruiter, the average monthly payment for a Work From Home Test Scorer in the United States is $4,669 monthly.

Test Scorer

Teachers are familiar with libraries and their systems. A library assistant or technician helps organize and maintain reading materials and assists in circulation, patrons, and any programs offered at the library.

Library Assistant

Being bilingual is a great skill in life, may open doors to other opportunities,  and can be profitable globally. There is a tremendous demand for teaching languages to children and adults online as professional teachers or community tutors across the globe.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL)

Many teachers are camp counselors during the summer. A camp counselor guides and ensures the safety of children as they engage in camp activities during the day or at sleepover camps.

Camp Counselor

Consider a desirable niche that works for you. If you enjoy writing, consider doing freelance. You may already have a targeted niche, writing skills, and voice.

Freelance Writing