5 Pieces of Advice Men Gave Women Over 30 About Finding a Relationship 

An online discussion occurred after a woman asked men for advice about finding a relationship after 30. This woman specifically hoped to understand how she could be successful in a problematic “dating market” and find someone she’s truly compatible with, which is what most people want to see when dating.

Do you agree with the advice the men gave in the comments?

Pieces of Advice Men Gave Women Over 30 About Finding a Relationship

Most men are looking for a solid partner who can be relied on, so don’t buy too much into the social media “checklist” of what’s essential in a partner.

1. Understand What Qualities Are Important to Embody

You may come onto the dating scene with anger or resentment from past relationships, all of which is understandable depending on your experiences. However, bringing that disdain into your new relationships or feeling like a new partner doesn’t deserve you won’t serve you well.

2. Leave Your Resentment at the Door

Although romantic and platonic relationships have some differences, the older you get, the more the essential qualities of any dynamic become apparent. Look for someone with similar values, who can share interests and activities with you, and who has common sense and understanding.

3. Look For Qualities You’d Want in a Friend

Any two people can have physical intimacy if they’re attracted to one another. However, creating an environment where two people can be vulnerable with each other is more complicated.

4. Be Open to Vulnerability

Our current society is quite vain and focused on physical beauty. However, this does not mean a woman in her 30s is less attractive or worthy than an 18-year-old.

5. Don’t Consider Younger Women Competition