5 Biggest Dating Regrets Women Want To Warn You About

In a recent online discussion, dating stories are exchanged between regretful commenters, who describe why they stopped dating someone they liked.

Love is difficult in modern times, and some people are complicated — here are some insights.

Biggest Dating Regrets Women Want To Warn You About

“I deserved someone willing to put a little effort into showing that they liked me too,” explains the first commenter. It can be life-destroying when you think you have found ‘the one’ who turns out not to share the same level of devotion.

1. Unreciprocated Feelings

“Every conversation, he would only talk about himself,” says a woman describing a past relationship. “The final straw was when I asked him what he liked about me; he said I needed too much reassurance.”

2. A One-Way Street

Being a single parent is tricky in the dating game, so why not ruin your chances by bullying your kid in front of your new love interest? “Dude bragged about how he was such a strict parent that his five-year-old asked him for permission to use the restroom,” shares a wise lady.

3. He Was a Bully

Some people need to grow up, according to one commenter who bemoans her past date’s lack of decorum. “He didn’t know how to be in an adult relationship,” she says regretfully. “I’m too old and tired to try to teach a guy anymore.”

4. Arrested Development

A woman who heard alarm bells by the way her ex “spoke about his child” recalls how she walked away. “When I suggested stepping up and helping his son in the areas he thought he was lacking, he was genuinely shocked as the thought had never occurred to him.”

5. A Bad Father Figure