5 Things Men Admit They Love About Being a Man

It’s time to settle the age-old debate. Who has it better, men or women? Unsurprisingly, men believe they are the superior gender and are willing to argue their points to no end.

Recently, men met in an online discussion to reveal everything they love about being men. Let me tell you, it was indeed a meeting of the minds.

Things Men Admit They Love About Being a Man

“My oldest daughter just started getting her period,” reveals one father. “Man, I just feel so bad for her. Learning to deal with this and coming to terms with the fact she’s going to be doing it for the next 40 years. I never put a ton of thought into it before. It’s been a real eye-opener for me, and I very much appreciate it’s not something I need to deal with.”

1. Not Having a Menstrual Cycle

If there’s one fantastic thing about being a man that both men and women can agree on, it’s the fact that men always have more pockets at their disposal. From overcoats to jeans and every piece of clothing in between, it’s unfair that women don’t have access to the number of pockets that men do.

2. An Abundance of Pockets

Most men thank their lucky stars they are men whenever they go to the bathroom during big public events. “How short and quick-moving the bathroom lines at most public events are is amazing,” reports one man.

3. Never Worrying About Long Restroom Lines

Speaking of going to the bathroom, men are essentially primates, which means many of them love that they don’t have to sit down when they use the bathroom. I get it, but you would think the lazier gender would jump at the opportunity to sit down any chance they get.

4. Going to the Bathroom Standing Up

Men love their facial hair. The option to be clean-shaven or fully bearded (and everything in between) is something men love about themselves. Let’s be fair, though: women are happy to let men have their beards.

5. Facial Hair