5 Ways Men Answered “What Makes a Woman Intimidating to You?”

Some men would rather ogle at a woman from a distance and build castles with her in their minds than muster up the courage to approach them. Why? Because they consider these women utterly intimidating.

“What makes a woman intimidating to you?” someone on an online forum asked. These are ten of the most interesting answers.

“What Makes a Woman Intimidating to You?”

Many men spend their early years focusing so hard on building wealth that they rarely have time for anything else. But as always with life, balance is critical — at least so you don’t end up intimated by every woman you come across as you grow older, scared things might work out.

1. Things Might Go Right

Men read body language before approaching a woman, and body language speaks volumes — sometimes much louder than a person ever could. If a woman makes gestures or is poised in a particular way that says “stay off,” no man would want to approach her unless he lives for the thrill of danger.

2. Body Language

Standoffish people tend to be rude, impolite, and arrogant, and the last thing a man wants is his ego bruised for a woman he probably would not want to be friends with after the first conversation.

3. Standoffish in Nature

They do everything to the extreme and have an aura that either makes you always want to be around them or stay as far away from them as possible. It may be the way they talk, dress, walk, or even the way they stare.

4. Their Intensity

Yikes! Most men would rather stay away from a woman if she acts as if she belongs more in a boxing ring than in a relationship. What man wants to handle all that drama?

5. Violent Tendencies