5 Childish Behaviors That Stick With Us

Old Habits Die Hard

No matter how old we get or how mature we become, there’s a playful streak in each of us that refuses to be tamed. In the face of adult responsibilities and societal standards, these irresistibly childish habits persist, providing comfort and a touch of rebellion.

Engaging in a lively online discussion, people from various walks of life have shared their most cherished – and perhaps slightly immature – behaviors. Let’s take a closer look at these delightful quirks that keep our inner child alive and kicking!

Old Habits Die Hard

Everybody knows the drill: there is probably – but most definitely – a monster of some sort living in your basement, so the best way to escape its evil clutches is to run up the stairs like your life depends on it!

Running Up the Basement Stairs

Although this can also be inferred as something adorable rather than immature, I’m going on the record by declaring that anybody who sleeps with a stuffed animal still has a little growing up to do.

Sleeping With Stuffed Animals

One woman even admits it serves as a de-escalator during taut relationship moments, so who am I to judge? “I do this to my boyfriend; he thinks it’s hilarious and sexy,” she reveals. “He giggles every time I do it, even if he’s in a bad mood.”

Mock-Humping Your Significant Other

To be clear, I’m referring to pets here, not having full-on conversations with the crows flying overhead in the morning. Unfortunately, many people admit to this behavior, even though it often makes them feel guilty for not being as friendly to their fellow humans!

Saying Hello to Animals But Not Human

Quite a few people confess to being active straw-blowers for reasons no one can understand. As arguably the most immature thing on this list, I’m at a loss for words.

Blowing Wads of Paper Out of Straws