Hardest Things About Being Single According to Men, Do You Agree?


Can we all agree that being single is both beautiful and terrible? It is a crucial stage where we get to figure ourselves out more. But it comes with its trials and tribulations, too. In an online community, men share the most challenging things about being single. Here are ten of them.

When you have been single for so long, you begin to fear that you will never find “The One.” It is tricky, as people believe you must be okay with yourself first and not be desperate to get into a relationship. You know, “Love yourself before you love someone else.”

The Worry of Never Finding Love

Fun fact, I found out that people in relationships sometimes feel lonely too. For some people, loneliness comes and goes. For others, it never leaves. It’s understandable, though. When you’re single, there’s a lack of intimacy.


When one is in a healthy relationship, you have a partner, a best friend, a motivator, a confidante, and a playmate. You have all of this and more in one person. When you are single, the reverse is the case. Although people argue that being in love and loving someone else is selfish, we understand that this means having your person to go through life with.

No One To Love

I used to think women were the only ones who faced pressure from family and society. That’s fake news because men do, too. Someone laments: “It’s just the pressure from my parents and family members on when I’m gonna get married or find a significant other.

Pressure From People

This might be different for everyone. Some people get satisfaction from cooking something nice and delicious for their partner and watching them eat and enjoy their effort. Being single means no one to cook for. Even if there is, there is no one whose smile of appreciation you’d want more than your partner’s.

No One To Cook For

It speaks for itself. What’s a life without cuddles? You know those moments you wake up at ungodly hours and want the warmth from another human, but you know you can’t get that are some of the longest nights of our lives. Someone advises, “Get a cat.” Sorry, cat lovers!

Lack of Cuddles

Most people would say not to place your worth on others, but that is easier said than done. As social animals, we want to be with someone. For some men, the most challenging part about being single is feeling worthless and empty because you don’t have a partner.

Feeling Worthless