Tech Takeover: 6 Ways Technology Completely Changed the Boomer Lifestyle


Born between 1946 and 1964, the Boomer generation has witnessed a monumental shift in technology. Imagine growing up at a time when televisions had only two channels, as my mother-in-law recalls from her childhood.

Although Boomers didn’t grow up with the tech we see now, they’ve shown a remarkable ability to adapt and embrace these changes.

One respondent shared in an online forum that, growing up, they had a “party line” telephone, which means that when they called someone, others could listen in on that conversation.

Party Line

I listened to the person on the other end, who sounded like they were at the end of a long tunnel. What a miracle!”


One interesting issue with the advancement of technology is that hardly anyone remembers phone numbers anymore. I remember teaching my Gen-Z daughters our phone numbers, but nowadays, it’s all digital, as one person noted.

What Number?

One respondent answered best how technology can be helpful and harmful. “I feel like technology has worsened my memory. If I don’t remember something, I look it up.

Double-Edged Sword

“I was in high school when the Internet revolutionized everything. When I was 16, it took about 45 minutes to download a .mp3 off Napster, and AIM was the biggest social network around.”

AIM and Napster

One contributor highlighted that technology goes far beyond television and computers: “In school, educational films and documentaries came on reels of 16 mm film that ran 15 minutes.

Thumb Drive