From Toy Cars to Real Ones: 5 Adulting Tasks Our Kid Selves Thought Impossible

Remember those childhood days when “adulting” seemed like a distant, mysterious realm? We’d look up at grown-ups, thinking their ways were almost magical, or at times, utterly baffling.

Now, as we navigate adulthood, many of those ‘impossible’ feats have become our everyday. Let’s take a nostalgic trip back and uncover the top 5 things we do routinely now, but once believed were the stuff of legends.

Adulting Tasks Our Kid Selves Thought Impossible

Youngest child Chrissy has a nightmare: while asleep, her parents and older siblings play with her toys, have pony rides, and do other fun activities. So do yourself a favor and find that episode if you want a good laugh.

Voluntary Naps

Many kids have trouble making friends. Those feelings and insecurities are challenging to overcome, especially if you are shy and don’t find any friends in school.

Have Friends Who Like You

If you grew up in a household of limited means, the idea that adults could pay their bills and have money left over for non-essentials no doubt felt unlikely. But some have come to see that it is attainable.

Pay Bills With Money to Spare

Encouraging the arts is not a universally held belief. The same generations that saw the invention of the cell phone only sometimes received support with artistic endeavors, so the idea of making money felt out of the question.

Make Money With Art

Some are particularly harsh with themselves, starting from a very young age. Learning to let go, ignore, and ultimately eradicate this voice is difficult but worth the hard work it takes to get there.

Silencing Your Critical Voice