Pogo Pass Review: Is It Worth the Money?

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It was 2:00 PM on a Saturday and we were all bored. My husband and kids craved adventure and I just wanted to be out of the house. (Working from home has a way of occasionally making you feel like a prisoner in your own home.)

As we brainstormed ideas and researched the costs, we were dumbfounded. There wasn’t anything to do as a family of four that was “affordable”. The trampoline park, bowling, and trip to the zoo would all cost between $50 to $100 for just the one visit.

That’s when I remembered the Pogo Pass.

We had passes last year with another family friend so we could run around town having together, but we didn’t renew them after our friends moved away and our annual pass expired.

…That was about to change!

What is the Pogo Pass?

The Pogo Pass is an annual membership that allows you to visit various participating entertainment venues for a fraction of the cost. Where we live, in the DFW metroplex, there are nearly 20 different attractions! This helps keep the entertainment fresh and exciting.

What Cities Participate In The Pogo Pass Program?

Currently, the Pogo Pass program exists in:

Is the Pogo Pass Worth It?

From a cost perspective, it’s a no-brainer. 

For less than $40 per person in your family, you can visit zoos, bowling alleys, water parks, trampoline parks, local sporting events and more.

If we were to visit just three of these venues on our own, we’d spend more than what it costs to buy Pogo Passes for our family.

  • Admission to the Fort Worth Zoo costs $14 per person (13+) and $10 per person (3 to 12). For our family of four, that’s $48. (Not including parking!)
  • Admission to Strikz for 1 game of bowling ($33 per lane), 1 game of laser tag ($7 per game) and a $5 game card would bring our total to $81.00 as a family of four.
  • Ice skating at the StarCenter costs $9 per adults and $8.00 per kid. That’s $34 for our family.

For these three venues alone, we’d spend $163. To buy passes for all four people in our family would only cost $160 and we’d still have 19 other venues to explore.

Is The Pogo Pass Right For Your Family?

Ask yourself these two questions:

1.  Would my family enjoy going to the attractions that participate in the Pogo Pass program?

If you see some venues, at least three that you would visit, the Pogo Pass would still be worth the money (as previously mentioned). I may not have chosen to go to a WNBA Dallas Wings game or the National Video Game Museum, but since it’s included in the package – it’s basically free entertainment!

2. Am I willing to travel to the various locations around town?

I’d encourage you to explore the venues on Pogo Pass’s website. Click on the venue, then the “location” tab to make sure you can visit all of the attractions. Here in Dallas, our locations are spread all across the metroplex from Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Lewisville, Rockwall and more. For some families, that may not work. Just keep in mind that you have one entire year to play at the participating locations. If it seems impossible to do it all, just remember you can spread it out.

For our family, it was an overwhelming “YES” to the question: is the Pogo Pass worth it? But, here are…

Three Other Reasons We Love Pogo Pass

1. Variety

You can buy season passes to your favorite venues to save money on entertainment, but you only get to go to the same venue over and over again. With the Pogo Pass, we can explore all different options that keep entertainment fresh and exciting.

2. Year-Round Entertainment

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, there are attractions to play at all year long. Since your membership lasts 12 months, you can easily find time to do it all.

  • If you’re a stay-at-home mom (or work-at-home mom) and need entertainment ideas when your kids are out on Thanksgiving, Christmas Spring or Summer break – this is perfect for you!
  • Even if you work full time and just want some fun evening and weekend adventures, the Pogo Pass is still a great option.

I should mention there is one caveat – some venues have weekend restrictions because it is their busiest day of the week. So if you are a weekender, explore those venues 1st and always plan ahead!

3. Playing Together

Sometimes we spend too much time on screens on the weekend. (We’re working on it!) That’s one of the main reasons I love the Pogo Pass. It gives us options to break away from our screens and play as a family. Connecting as a family and creating memories are a far more valuable use of our time.

What Entertainment Venues Are Included With the Pogo Pass?

Click on your desired location below to view all of the participating venues:

Are You Ready to Have Fun Without Breaking the Bank?

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Already have a Pogo Pass?

What have been your favorite venues this year? Leave a comment below.

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