5 Signs It’s Safe to Be Vulnerable With Your Woman

What are the telling signs of a woman with whom you can safely be vulnerable as a man? I’ll start; a woman that’s in touch with her emotions. She cannot hold space for your emotions if she cannot process her own.

After someone posed this question on an internet platform, here is what contributors had to say.

Signs It’s Safe to Be Vulnerable With Your Woman

One says a woman needs to view you as human, deserving of empathy. For the longest time, women didn’t recognize that men can get their feelings hurt. Women think men act as if nothing bothers them without realizing that that’s how men are socialized.

She Views You as a Human Being

Start Small-Scale Another man advises dropping a minor issue that’s significant enough to elicit a reaction is the best strategy. From their response, you can gauge whether she’s someone you can tell something or not.

As soon as you meet her, you’ll know that she’s a good person. She’s warm and nurturing; you can tell she’s not putting up a facade. Kind people have a different energy; that’s easy to tell.

She Carries the Sun With Her

She Has a Degree on the Wall Another responder shares that your therapist is the only person you can be vulnerable with. They say you’re rolling the dice on your ability to judge people when you trust other women. Your partner is not your therapist, and you’re not their therapist.

Her Friend The company, a woman, keeps says a lot about her. A person declares that it’s a green flag if her girlfriends do not talk ill about their men and there’s a healthy balance of appreciation and criticism.