5 Things Women Say About Dying Hair as Response to Life Problems

What’s up with the hair dying or cutting as a response to some major problem in life? As someone who’s gone through this phase, it’s a season where you’re craving change.

After a community member asked that on an online platform, here’s the response.

Women Say About Dying Hair as Response to Life Problems

Sometimes expressing our pain or distress in a physical form makes us feel better. For example, a commenter says that her hair was cut and dyed a couple of days ago.

It’s a Coping Mechanism

An individual shares that she’s been caring for her ill dad, and it’s not been easy. She started dying her hair in vivid colors during the pandemic as it made her happy.

It’s Therapy

Long hair takes a lot of effort to maintain. Another thread contributor states that cutting their hair is out of irritation for them. It’s a constant reminder of your burdens, especially when you’re feeling low, and one more thing you must do on top of your workload.

Hair Is Frustrating

Most men give little meaning to hair. A person adds that men often have short haircuts and don’t realize that people with longer hair frame their memories with hair.

Hair Carries Memories

Women who engage in consensual sexual behavior are often stigmatized and labeled as promiscuous. This criticism is sexist and hypocritical, as men who engage in similar behavior are often praised and celebrated.

It’s a Way of Seeking Control