5 Ugly Truths About Getting a Divorce, According to Men

Relationships themselves can be complicated and, at times, even messy. On the other hand, divorce can bring even more chaos to a situation, even though it symbolizes the end of a relationship.

A group of recently-divorced men and women discussed this topic in an online forum. They assembled a list of a few crucial – and sometimes ugly – truths about getting divorced.

Ugly Truths About Getting a Divorce

There are two types of friends in your life: people who stand by your side post-divorce and people who disappear from your life completely.

You’ll Realize Who Your Friends Are

Like so many other major life events, divorce is preventable. You have to be able to spot the warning signs and make the necessary adjustments along the way. One of the most effective ways to do this is by reading books on the topic.

So Much Divorce Is Preventable

In many cases, divorces are messy no-win affairs for either you or your ex. Unfortunately, divorce lawyers are the only ones who make it out the other side in a better position.

Only the Lawyers Win

One of the toughest pills to swallow is realizing that despite both parents’ best efforts, kids will ultimately suffer after a divorce. All the best heart-to-heart talks with a child are no match for changing their lives irrevocably.

Kids Do Suffer

According to countless people, you can’t avoid the inevitable hurt. Granted, you can pretend it’s not there, it’s not a big deal, or you can compartmentalize it, but eventually, you will have to face the hurt head-on.

Even Divorce on Good Terms Is Heartbreaking