5 Wedding Moments People Think: "They Are Not Going To Last" 

How many weddings have you attended where the bride and groom give off bad vibes? An online discussion is sharing stories of wedding moments that showed matrimony has a short shelf life.

There are many tropes related to marriage: the shotgun wedding, the debauched best man, and the jealous maid of honor.

Wedding Moments That Made People Think: “They Are Not Going To Last Long"

Honeymoons are supposed to be a magical experience for newlyweds. However, a wedding guest reveals how their friend “Booked a trip to the Caribbean despite her newlywed husband having a severe sun allergy.”

Booking a Solo Honeymoon

After his new wife panicked at the airport gate, a groom visited Jamaica alone for his honeymoon. “He said it was great,” reports his friend. “His wife wasn’t mad, but her family was, for some reason.” I cannot think why.

When The Bride Won’t Board The Airplane

In “rural Canada,” a wedding came to a breaking point when the groom had an altercation with the father-in-law. It ended when the bride became involved and received an indirect elbow — which must have ruined the photos.

When The Groom Fights Their Father-in-Law

When an “entire bridal party, including parents,” joined a betting pool on the length of the couple’s union, it may indicate poor compatibility. The good news is “the best man won … at 14 months.”

When The Guests Make a Sweepstake on The Outcome

A best man describes how his friend’s fiance had the worst parents ever: “They didn’t let him hang out with his groomsmen afterward,” says the friend, “while the bride went out and got drunk.” When you marry, you marry the family — be careful!

Draconian In-Laws