10 Women Discuss Extravagant Public Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals occur every day, in private and in public. Social media draws attention to public proposals and influences how elaborate they are: the more extravagant it is, the more attention it receives online.

Several commenters were okay with having a marriage proposal delivered in public. Still, they prefer that it be a modest one that doesn’t draw much attention from bystanders, even if the question is in front of others.

Women Discuss Extravagant Public Marriage Proposals

One respondent approved their public marriage proposal because their friends were the only witnesses to the event. They assert their aversion to having a crowd witnessing that special moment

Only in Front of Friend

Asking for someone’s hand in marriage in front of a bunch of strangers for the sake of having an audience turned off many people.

A Meaningful Place

At least one contributor on the thread admits they love the idea of a very public marriage proposal because they “like being the center of attention,” and they “would not feel pressured to say yes.”

Loves the Spectacle 

For many, getting engaged is a personal moment they prefer to keep private. They find the idea of being asked to marry someone in a prominent fashion mortifying.

Keep It Private

Being the center of any public display is the worst nightmare to come true for introverted people. One such individual affirms they “hate being the center of attention among people I don’t know well, let alone a crowd of literal strangers.”

An Introvert’s Nightmare