5 Relationship Advice for Younger Generations Wish They Believe

It’d have saved me a few heartbreaks if an older woman had told me I needed to love myself before seeking love from others. An internet user asked older men in an online community to share relationship gems.

Relationship Advice for Younger Generations

You Live, and You Learn An older gentleman says it hurts when a relationship ends on bad terms. It’s even worse if there’s something you could’ve done, and she’s a beauty. The best thing is to keep it moving, and they’d never get back with their ex as they’re incompatible.

Way too many people confuse infatuation with love. A commenter believes that everyone feels intensely infatuated with their partner at some point, and it’s a good feeling. It’s okay, but don’t confuse it with love.

Infatuation Is Not Love

Don’t Settle A man explains how he almost married two women due to societal pressure. They were not bad people; they just didn’t fit in completely. He is glad he did not go on, as his wife, who he married at thirty, is fantastic.

Love is like working or exercising. You don’t fall into it. A user states that sometimes love is difficult, just like work. It will be stressful and painful, but that’s okay because it’s mostly easy and fun.

Love Is a Verb

Marry a Mind Nothing comes before the mind. Someone indicates that no matter how good a woman looks or how much you enjoy the relationship, it may stop when she starts talking.

A Happy Wife Is Not a Happy Life According to one, do not allow yourself to be the only one compromising. For nineteen years, he always gave in to his wife’s demands. She fought tooth and nail to get her way.