Entitled Woman Furious at Disabled Person

People must always make compromises — it’s part of being human. Unfortunately, it is innate in humans to be selfish and see only the option that best suits them.

From an online forum, this story involves a mother, her child, and a man in a wheelchair. Now, a bus scenario has her wondering if she was wrong and set a bad example for her daughter.

Entitled Woman Furious at Disabled Person

This woman, whom we’ll call Stacey, was on a bus with her 5-year-old daughter, and they both got on at a busy stop. No empty seats were available, except for one near a middle-aged man in a wheelchair.

The Man in the Wheelchair

Well, Stacey didn’t just ask to be rude, either. She had a reason for requesting the man to move, and she was “taken aback and frustrated by his response.” She told him her daughter needed to sit with her for protection.

Safety Reasons 

Hearing a third-person opinion from someone you know will be honest with you is one way to know when you were wrong. When Stacey told a friend about what happened, they called her insensitive and ableist

Insensitive and Ableist

Everyone has their opinions, but the bottom line, every commenter suggests Stacey was wrong in this situation. No one should have to inconvenience themselves for someone else.

What People Think 

Stacey was inconsiderate and did what she thought was best for her and her child. The man’s refusal probably upset her, and sometimes, when one is angry, they may do things to hurt another — things that only hurt themselves.

Final Thought