6 Things We’re Proud To Declare We’ve Never Done


Life is rife with pitfalls that can diminish physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It isn’t always good to have tried everything — some things are best left alone.

A recent online discussion allows Internet users to share some of their proudest things not to have done — ever.

Some people claim never to have dropped their phone, which I find baffling; dropping one’s phone is unavoidable, surely.

Breaking a  Phone Screen

I am a proud member of the Unbroken Bones Club, though it wasn’t through a lack of trying. Years of falling out of trees, skateboarding, and unintended parkour incidents all tried their best, but to no avail. There are even pages devoted to the unbroken bone phenomenon — some people must just have dense bones.

Breaking a Bone

One particularly honest reflection comes from an ex-substance abuser who claims they never stole from family or friends to feed their habit.

Not Stealing

Then again, if you were to speak to the current stream of SoundCloud rappers, the inverse scenario is likely to result. Getting arrested and having your mugshot published may be seen as a badge of honor in modern times — just ask the 45th president.

Not Getting Arrested

Yes, many of us have not yet made this mistake. Sadly, the risk is there every day. Whether you are an influencer climbing skyscrapers, one of those Portuguese big-wave surfers, or that person texting while crossing an intersection, dying is never far away.

Not Dying

In the early millennium, reality TV planted its flag directly into the human psyche, evidenced dramatically by Big Brother, The Apprentice, and those pesky Kardashians.

Not Keeping Up With the Kardashian