When He Skipped the Scan, She Hatched a Plan: The Gender Secret Saga

Pregnancy is quite the journey, filled with its ups and downs. And when the one person you’d expect to be your co-pilot starts missing the milestones? Well, that’s a story in itself.

Boy or Girl?

Her husband texted her after the appointment, wondering what the sex of the baby was. However, Diane refused to tell him the results because of his neglect, and he was angry.

An overwhelming number of respondents agree that the husband is the one in the wrong in this situation. One user says this man became a deadbeat dad before he could even become a father.

Deadbeat Dad

Another commenter points out that the husband’s excuse for not going because he’s not carrying the baby will turn into “I didn’t give birth to the baby, why should I look after it?” in the blink of an eye.

Only the Beginning of Dismissing Dad Duties

One user says Diane’s husband prioritizes his relationships with his friends over his relationship with his wife and unborn child. “Don’t be like me and stay until he leaves you for another woman,” they warn.

Red Flags

Many people share their disgust with Diane’s husband and his choice to eat fish n chips instead of accompanying his wife to a critical doctor’s appointment. However, others note that gender reveal appointments are about more than just discovering the sex of the baby.

Where Are His Priorities?

During these appointments, the doctor examines the fetus for anomalies and potential developmental issues. Instead of supporting his wife during a difficult moment, he stuffed himself with fried food and laughed with his friends.

Gender Appointments