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  1. Ms. Boykin, I am a Christian first and foremost. As such, I was formed in my mother’s womb by God in His image. Scripture says His very breathe gives us life. Being raised in church we are taught that Jesus lives in our heart and that we (our bodies) are the church.
    I cannot stress how it saddens me to hear a fellow Christian construe the premise of Law of Attraction in such a way as you have in this article. Perception is key. Scripture says those who seek me will find me and that is exactly what led me to LOA. Numerous scriptures support LOA, nature supports LOA and I am here to tell you that LOA is working in your life with or without your awareness of it, just as the law of gravity does. God is the creator and sustainer of all creation. Science has been trying to explain away God, but isn’t it just like God to turn the table and use scientific findings to reach nonbelievers? That is what countless people around the world are experiencing through law of attraction and other science based discoveries.
    I’d like to add that for you to dispute the reality of God as “Source” is the true blasphemy here; not the population being introduced to God through the portal of LOA.
    God, the great I AM, through the man Jesus Christ, has given himself as an example and informs us that through the Holy Spirit, we will do miracles. God empowers us! Anyone who has ever been filled with the Holy Ghost knows beyond the ability to speak it, that indeed we are vessels created to receive and pour out the pure power of love and wellbeing that is God. Please dear woman, I ask you to search your heart and ask God to open your eyes to all He has provided unto you. Perhaps like Paul, you will see the error of past ways and go on to engage and enlighten countless others to their true potential as children of the Most High God. If you care to go over this more in depth, scripture by scripture as I have done, feel free to contact me.
    Mark 11:24 King James Bible
    Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
    Your Sister in Christ,

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