1. We have really loved using a “blessing jar” through the year. We all write things down, and then around the new year, we read over them as a family. We try to put big and small, material as well as non-material things. It is so meaningful to read over those and realize how blessed we are!!

  2. Gah… this is so good. I homeschool my daughter and I have literally made it my mission for us to focus on gratitude this year. So, this article was timely for me. Teaching her the difference between privileges and expectations is so challenging. I needed the reminder to just BE CONSISTENT. We will definitely be adding these things to our “curriculum” for the year. I hope we both come out with more gratitude and less entitlement. Thanks Katy!!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that this was helpful, Jessica! God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it? He knows the right words we need to read or hear at the exact time. It’s kind of annoying that the answer is as simple as “consistency” and also as hard as “consistency. Thank goodness there is grace when we aren’t perfect parents and a community of women in Christ encouraging one another along the way.

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