5 Ways Men Confess To Approaching an Attractive Woman 

You’re out and about, and across the room, you catch a glimpse of someone who instantly steals your attention. Your heart skips a beat, and suddenly, you wonder, “How on Earth do I approach this attractive woman in a genuine, confident, and absolutely charming way?”

Men on an online community share ten delightful and inspiring ways men have approached an attractive woman.

Ways Men Confess To Approaching an Attractive Woman

The funny men always win — just task Pete Davidson. Making a lady giggle is like sprinkling fairy dust on the path to her heart. But how you go about it matters a lot too.

1. Make Her Laugh

A woman will feel safer and more comfortable surrounded by people in an acceptable social setting. Seize the opportunity, my friend! Approach the alluring lady and strike up a conversation.

2. Strike a Conversation in a Social Setting

Some men prefer directness mixed with humor. For instance, it’s okay to walk up to a lady and say something as bold and risky as “I like you, and I want you. Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.”

3. Be Direct About It

Seriously, why complicate things? Be you, be authentic. Confidence is key. Start a regular conversation, at least in the beginning. When you embrace your genuine self, you have nothing to lose.

4. Just Be Yourself

Compliments are like little bursts of sunshine, brightening up anyone’s day. Drop a compliment about her looks, dress, hair — anything that catches your eye — and see how she reacts.

5. Start With a Compliment