Spotting a Mystery Shopper Scam

Last month I received an email asking me to apply as a mystery shopper. Having done similar things in the past, I filled out their form to apply. The form asked for name, email, phone number and address. Typical and normal things to ask for.

The email lists a few well known stores that I will be shopping at and it gives a rundown of things I will be looking for and taking notes on. Cleanliness of store, bathrooms, ability of sales people to assist me and answer my questions etc.

Spotting a Mystery Shopper Scam 

We will be having your first assignment this week so i can give you a preview on your duties. This also means your payroll will start counting from today. However its paramount that you get your task completed as instructed. 

Check for the USPS package because its been delivered. If you don’t have it ask around or call USPS to confirm who signed for you.


I’ll need you to go deposit the check at your bank  as soon as you receive it and then send me an email confirming you have made the deposit so once funds are available tomorrow you will be instructed on how to carry out your first assignments.


Without any delay kindly follow the instruction above as soon as you have received the check and send the email. I will respond after confirming the deposit with instructions to go ahead with task once funds are available tomorrow.


The check below looks 100% legit and a bank teller would likely accept it and put the money into my account. Of course, after a couple weeks, the bank will realize that the check was fake and the money would be removed from my account.

Spotting fake checks isn’t so easy any longer.